Mr.James Madathiparambil in 1965 moved from Ernakulam city to Kanthalloor and was in farming for the past 45 years and also a social worker.His experience in Kanthaloor made him to think of new concept of Mud house. His wife Mrs Philomina James is also from a Agricultral family from Irinjalakuda.His 3 children elder Catherine Tresa Kala married to Mr.Jose John Mecharry in Chalakudy there Daughter Shonna Jose.
Other childrens of Mr.James are Rubesh Jimmy, Lolac Jimmy.
Mr James experience in farming made him thought of sharing his vision to other people and also explain the facts of agriculture and also you can experience making of World Famous Jaggery, staying at Munnarend Farms.The Basic features of Mud House are its automatically keep the room cool during summer and hot during winter.Its floor is made of traditional method using cow dung and wall is made using termite sand mud.