Munnarend Farms is Located at Anchunadu about 55 Kms from Munnar and 16 Kms from Marayoor. Anchunadu means 5 ooru Places which include Marayoor, Karayoor, Keezhanthoor, Kanthalloor and Puthoor.
Munnarend Farms main feature is that house is made of Mud. Mud House are its automatically keep the room cool during summer and hot during winter.Its floor is made of traditional method using cow dung and wall is made using termite sand mud.
Mainly cultivated crops are Sugarcane, Lemon Grass oil, Paddy, Wheat and all vegetables. We can see the making of world famous Jaggery from Sugar canes also we can buy Jaggery from source.We can see the Making of Lemon Grass oil production also buy from source.Many fruits are grown here Oranges, Peaches, Plums, Custardapple, Apple, Strawberry can be seen on Seasons.
We can Experience 5 climates in 16 Kms route from Marayoor to Kanthalloor.